The Win America Back PAC is dedicated to creating simple, clear, cinematic ads that cut through Trump's fog of disinformation and restore the clarity of reality.

We see every Trump supporter or undecided voter as a loved one who is in danger and needs our help. Most political messaging is a negative assault on your senses. Our ads are stories of empathy, of tragedy and redemption, fighting misinformation with meaning.

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Trump has turned "we the people" into "I alone." He has encouraged us to trust each other less and hate each other more. But worst of all, he has ruined our shared sense of reality. His lies have killed more than 200,000 of our people, and he will kill our democracy too...if we let him.


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Well, we have a plan to reach these people. And it's crazy enough that it just might work.. We've formed the Win America Back...PAC to create cinematic stories targeted at persuadable voters. We aim to persuade these voters by demonstrating empathy, by appealing to them on a human level.


Our backgrounds are in film and television, so we've had to live and die by the box office, the Neilson ratings, and the ruthless algorithms of the streamers. In our field, if you can't reach the audience on an emotional level, you lose your job. We see this small handful of persuadable voters, the group that will decide this election, as just another audience...and we'll all lose a lot more than our jobs if we can't reach them.




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