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The Win America Back PAC is dedicated to creating simple, clear, cinematic ads that cut through Trump's fog of disinformation and restore the clarity of reality.

We see every Trump supporter or undecided voter as a loved one who is in danger and needs our help. Most political messaging is a negative assault on your senses. Our ads are stories of empathy, of tragedy and redemption, fighting misinformation with meaning.

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Micho is a Los Angeles-based writer, director, and producer. While working as head of development at The Asylum, he oversaw the inception and development of the Sharknado movies, as well as over 100 other feature films, including DEAD 7, which he produced with Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys. Rutare has written, directed, or produced features and episodic series for Syfy, Lifetime, MTV, YouTube Red, and Sony Home Entertainment. He also produced THX’s 35th anniversary Deep Note trailer and co-runs the production company American Meme. He is a Rwandan-American and a sixth-generation Michigander.


Ben Rosenblatt is a producer of feature films, television series, and short media. He is currently serving as Executive Producer on the TNT/Netflix shows SNOWPIERCER and THE ANGEL OF DARKNESS. Ben is also known for his time at J.J. Abrams’s production company, Bad Robot, where he helped produce installments of the STAR WARS, STAR TREK, and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE franchises. In addition to these big projects, he also worked as a producer on indie film SMALL TOWN CRIME, animated movie WONDER PARK, Google web series MOON SHOT, and shorts for Esurance and THX. Earlier in his career, Ben was an executive at Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks SKG. He lives in the valley with his dog, George, and co-runs the production company American Meme.



Mike is an elusive finance/production hybrid. He most recently VFX produced ANGEL OF DARKNESS on TNT and the pilot episodes of SHANTARAM coming to Apple TV. Mike also worked with Ben at Bad Robot and served as Head of Production for their in-house operations. Prior to venturing into the world of production, Mike had various finance and operations roles for entertainment & media stalwarts such as Paramount Pictures, Sony & PwC.

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